Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Nick Lachey would nurse his son "if he had boobs".

The singer and wife Vanessa welcomed little Camden John into the world in September and the 'Total Wipeout' host says her spouse is a very hands-on dad.

In fact she's convinced he'd even take on breastfeeding duties if he could.

She said: "All of my hopes and dreams have come true and he is awesome.

"I was actually joking earlier that if Nick could nurse Camden he would! If he had boobs, he would do it!

"He literally can cradle Camden and swing him around and do, 'Shh, shh, shh.' He does that so perfectly because for the first couple of weeks I couldn't bend ... so Nick took that role and he is awesome at that!

"My thing is the obvious. I'm the feeder. I'm his meal ticket. As soon as I'm done feeding him, it is Nick's time."

The couple are in awe of their son and already have many wishes for when the little boy grows up.

She told "I am still in shock and we look at him and we are like, 'We made this!' I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but it is your love personified.

"I love everything about being a mom - looking at him and seeing him and hoping and praying that he will be a gentleman and a good man and a supportive friend. All my hopes for him are through the roof."

And the couple have several nicknames for Camden already.

Vanessa explained: "As he gets older, [we'll call him] CJ Lachey. That's going to be his sports name or stage name - or doctor's name!

"One of my girlfriends calls him, 'Cam Cam.' I call him Buddie, actually, and Nick calls him Cambone."

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