Nick Nolte is suffering from "minor smoke inhalation" after a fire broke out at his home.The 'Tropic Thunder' actor attempted to control the blaze - which engulfed his Malibu home on Tuesday (07.10.08) - with a garden hose before fire crews arrived.An electrical malfunction started the fire in Nick's home office, causing about $1.5 million of structural damage and destroying $1.5 million of the actor's possessions.Nick, 67, has reportedly told neighbours he believes his computer printer caused the fire, and he is thinking of suing the manufacturer.Los Angeles County Fire representative Frank Garrido said: "Mr. Nolte was treated on the scene by Los Angeles Country Fire paramedics for minor smoke inhalation and abrasions to his right forearm. He was released, and will be under the supervision of his own physician."The fire was put out within five minutes of fire crews arriving at the property, but had already caused extensive damage throughout the building.Garrido added: "The fire had spread to the living room and kitchen area. There is smoke damage throughout the entire residence."

Nick's representative said: "Mr. Nolte is grateful to the Malibu Fire Department, and Sheriff's Department, for their quick response and assistance."

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