Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley would happily reprise her role in 'Dallas'.

The actress - the ex-wife of the late Elvis Presley - starred in the 80s drama for five years playing Jenna Wade and now it has returned to screens with a new series, Priscilla says she would be open to making an appearance in it.

When asked if she was going to star in the series on UK TV show 'This Morning', Priscilla said: "No, not yet, this is the original cast and I came in five years after they started so we'll see what happens. But I think they've really got a hit on their hands.

"You never know with 'Dallas' as there are always surprises and people that come and go and are killed off. But I haven't been asked. If I was asked, I think I would do it."

Priscilla, 67, loved every minute that she worked on 'Dallas' and she is delighted to see it return to such acclaim.

She said: "It was huge and it was really fun. The cast couldn't have been nicer. Everyone got on despite the tabloid rumours. I'm really happy that it's doing well."