Anne Hathaway went to Matthew McConaughey's house for a party - but was a day late.

Anne Hathaway

The 'Interstellar' actress and her husband Adam Schulman was delighted to be invited to a surprise party in her co-star's honour by his wife Camila Alves but was left baffled when she arrived at their home and it was very quiet.

She recalled: "I knock on the door and Matthew answers the door, big smile on his face.

"I go, 'Surprise!' And he goes, 'Yeah, you've got to come in.' " Matthew turns around and goes, 'Party was last night.' "

While the 31-year-old actress was mortified about the mistake, everything turned out well in the end.

Speaking at the American Cinematheque tribute to Matthew at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Tuesday (21.10.14), she added: "Matthew said, 'Come inside. Let me pour you a glass of wine.' And then Matthew looks at me, very deeply, and says, 'Hey, we can be upset about this. We can be mad about this. Or we can go with it. And we can have a great story.' And that glass of wine led to the first bottle - I stopped counting after four.

"And then I went with him to someone's surprise birthday party that night that I crashed. And you know what? It was a great story and a lot of smiles because of it."

A host of Matthew's friends and co-stars paid tribute to him at the event, including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain, while Kate Hudson recalled him going missing when he visited her at her parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Canadian cabin - and coming across him "butt-naked" on a rock.

Kate - who starred with him in both 'Fool's Gold' and 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' - said: "I found him standing on a rock, butt-naked, howling [at the moon. I was like, 'OK - there's Matthew McConaughey.' "