Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

The 'Break Free' hitmaker loves nothing more than slipping into a comfortable all-in-one pyjamas set when she isn't working.

The 21-year-old pop beauty - who is currently dating 26-year-old rapper Big Sean - shared: "But that's fine, that's OK. As soon as I get home, I'm getting in a onesie! I've even had onesie and heels day. When I throw the heels on with a pyjama moment, I just feel that much better ... Everybody has those days though, so it's totally fine, I don't even mind being seen."

Ariana has revealed a more mature side of herself in her new single 'Love Me Harder' - which features Canadian recording artist The Weeknd - and the songstress is thrilled the watching world is getting to see a different aspect of her personality.

Talking to Will Manning on KISS FM UK, she said: "'Love Me Harder' is a really special one. I've waited so long to show a more serious, darker, mature side of me. I think, partially, because I was a little nervous about it.

"But part of me really just wanted to do that anyway. Just to be like, 'Hey I am an adult, and here is my more adult side.' "

Ariana, whose second studio album, 'My Everything', has been a massive hit this year, revealed she's looking forward to enjoying a traditional Italian family Christmas.

She said: "We have a loud, Italian family, who plays lots of poker. And you know, there's games and gambling, and cooking, and drinking, and festivities, and it's very fun."

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