Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper says he's a big fan of Oasis, after hanging out with singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher at Glastonbury.

Cooper, 39, has revealed his love of the group - who officially split in 2009 after a string of high-profile disagreements between Noel and Liam Gallagher - was furthered after he spent time hanging out with singer-songwriter Noel at Glastonbury.

Reflecting on his appreciation of the band, Bradley told The Sun newspaper: "Of course I knew who Oasis were but never listened to much of their stuff. I have started to since then and they are pretty special.

"You can hear that they were trendsetting. So many current bands have clearly taken inspiration from them."

Meanwhile, it was announced earlier this week that Bradley is to play the role of Mack Bolan, the fictional character of Don Pendleton, in a new film.

The character is dedicated to bringing justice to the world and his eyes are firmly fixed on bringing down the Mafia.

The role will see Bradley reunite with 'The Hangover' director Todd Phillips, and assuming the flick is a success at the box office, it seems likely that more Pendleton-inspired movies will follow.

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