Sir Bruce Forsyth has been hospitalised following a fall.

Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth

The 87-year-old TV presenter suffered a concussion and facial abrasions after falling at his home and was admitted to hospital for tests.

He has since been released but was told by doctors to rest for a week, forcing him to pull out of presenting his upcoming variety show 'Bruce's Hall Of Fame' for BBC One.

Kalooki Pictures, which produces the show, said in a statement: "Sir Bruce Forsyth slipped and fell at his home resulting in facial abrasions and minor concussion.

"He attended hospital and had a series of scans and tests all of which happily proved negative.

"However, because of his injury, he has been told by doctors he must have complete rest for at least seven days."

Bruce's publicist and friend Ian Wilson took him to hospital and told the Daily Mirror: "Bruce is shaken and stirred. He was really looking forward to doing the TV show so professionally it couldn't have happened at a worse time, not that something like this can come at a good time.

"But he is a lucky man really because he fell and he is alright. He has got concussion so you have to be very careful.

"All the tests which were substantial have come up fine, but at the same time, at any age when you fall over and bash your head it is not good."

Bruce revealed his sadness at having to miss out on the show, which is due to film at London's Dominion Theatre on Sunday (11.10.15), saying: "I was really looking forward to this show and working with such a talented cast, and I am really sad not to be part of it."

Alexander Armstrong will take over in Bruce's absence.

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