Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan's grandmother doesn't recognise her.

The 'Great Gatsby' star, 29, admits her grandma Margaret Booth, 88, battles with Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia, and has trouble remembering who the actress is on a regular basis.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper as she and Margaret took part in a 'Memory Walk' with other families around the streets of Pontardaw in South Wales, she said: "Our family lives with dementia and we have seen how devastating it can be. I only ever had experience with Nans and how she went through it. But when you meet other people, you realise how different it is from person to person.

"It's such an individual thing and that's a reminder about how unique everyone is and how important it is to respect each person for who they really are."

The blonde beauty would regularly spend time with Margaret, who she calls 'Nans', at her home in Wales before she was diagnosed with the illness in 2002, but things started to change once the disease took hold.

However, Carey credits the Alzheimer's Society for helping her family deal with the horrible illness.

She added: "It has been inspirational to see so many people of different ages come together today to fight dementia. I can't imagine how we would deal with it if we didn't have the help that we have - the amazing home that Nans is in and the incredible support of Alzheimer's Society."

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