Charli XCX looks like a "zombie" when she's drunk.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

The 24-year-old pop beauty has just unveiled her zombie-themed music video for her latest single 'After the Afterparty' and has confessed she looks like a revived corpse when she hits the booze.

Asked if she was frightened by the make-up used on the extras in her video, in a behind-the-scenes video posted on social network Vero, she said: "I loved it! I look like a zombie when I'm wasted anyway so it was like looking in the mirror to be honest."

Meanwhile, Charli has given her fans - known as 'Charli's Angels' - an insight into her forthcoming third studio album, which is inspired by partying and falling head over heels with someone after a wild night.

She told Billboard magazine: "Most of the songs on the album are about partying or about falling in love with someone after partying."

Charli also recalled one of the biggest music industry parties she went to, which lasted until 4am and saw someone vomit all over her walls at her lavish pad.

She shared: "After some PC Music show, we hired two limousines and were partying at 4 a.m. And then we were going back to my house, and then someone from PC Music was vomiting on my wall at my house in LA - which is great, but not so funny the day after."

The sultry brunette has since made a rule not to hold any events at her home because she doesn't want her "old and vintage" furniture to get damaged.

She said previously: "I invite friends over and we hang out, but I'm really into furniture design, so I'm crazy about my stuff - like if someone spilled wine on my sofa I would go insane. It's old and vintage. I have more pizza and movie nights than raves. I go to someone else's to do that."

Charli XCX releases behind the scenes for 'After the Afterparty' (feat. Lil Yachty) exclusively on Vero. To watch the full video download Vero for free via

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