Chris Evans quit drinking for "100 days".

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

The BBC Radio 2 DJ - who was known for his wild partying in the earlier years of his career - has admitted giving up alcohol was much easier than he thought it would be.

Speaking about working with Alcoholics Anonymous on his new book 'Call the Midlife', he explained: "I went to see someone from AA about drinking. Do I drink too much, do I have anything to worry about? All of these things that play on my mind.

"I have always thought about it. When I did 100 days not drinking that was such a revelation because I didn't touch a drop. I didn't know I could do it for a day.

"And it was so much easier than I thought and so much less revelatory. It didn't impact on my life at all really."

The 49-year-old presenter - who is fronting the new revamped 'Top Gear' - claimed his relationship with alcohol has changed now.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I've massively cut back now. I don't drink at all in the week unless I am going out, which is hardly ever.

"It is all about the definition of what an alcoholic is. I spoke to a woman who is recovering and she was amazing.

"She says most alcoholics she finds are huge egocentrics with an inferiority complex. It is a brilliant phrase."

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