Frank Sinatra had a "filthy temper," a new biography has claimed.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

The 'My Way' hitmaker would become "out of control" if he was in a foul mood and stunned people with his behaviour when in a rage, author James Kaplan has detailed in 'Sinatra: The Chairman'.

Describing one of Sinatra's tantrums, journalist Kitty Kelley recalls a particularly shocking incident where he allegedly ripped up a photograph belonging to his friend, composer Jimmy Van Heusen, whilst visiting his home in 1961.

Kitty - who interviewed a woman at the scene - said: "One of the composer's most treasured possessions, it portrayed Van Heusen sitting at the piano in his pyjama top, and it was a special gift from the artist. Grabbing a carving knife from the kitchen, Frank lunged at the painting and slashed it to shreds.

"'If you try to fix that or put it back, I will come and blow the f***ing wall off,' he said. Van Heusen did not say a word."

Meanwhile, author James also claims Frank and Marilyn Monroe weren't the "perfect Hollywood couple" everyone thought.

He writes: "To the outside world, Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe may have appeared the perfect Hollywood couple. Yet they were anything but.

"The troubled actress was obsessed with Sinatra but he was disgusted by her slovenliness and disdainful of her intellect. He even called her stupid to her face ...

"Frank cruelly taunted her and claimed, according to his valet, that he did not want to sleep with her - but, ever chivalrous, now and then he managed anyway."