Jessie J has lashed out at people for a lack of empathy.

Jessie J

Jessie J

The 27-year-old singer - who recently dumped her boyfriend Luke James amid fears he was using her to raise his profile - took to her Twitter account to blast people for not caring for others.

She wrote: "The love people will happily give someone when it may be too late, is often the love they really needed to survive when they were falling.

"Next time you think about making a Instagram joke or to judge someone. Really think. If this was about me, if I felt really low would it help?

"We can save each other. But we live in a world where people will slow down at a car crash and take a picture before they jump out to help.

"We are all human. We all need love."

Jessie, 27, who also posted a motivational message to a follower saying "You got this girl. You are stronger than you think x," insisted that her rant was not about her own situation and hinted that she was referring to Lamar Odom, who is in critical condition after collapsing at a brothel in Nevada.

She wrote: "When you are sick you put goodness into your body to feel better, right? Better food, medicine etc right?

"So when your energy is low you need positivity and support. Why as a generation don't we get that yet?

"Anyone who needs a little love and support. Be there. When it's the worst. Be the vitamin to their deficiency. Be a light for them.

"So to anyone going through a bad time right now. (Whatever it is) Anywhere. If you see this. I care. It will get better. Don't give up.

"Just fed up of seeing people make a joke out of someone's dark moments. When if it if was being done to them in theirs. They'd hate it. Fact."

When a follower replied to Jessie by saying, "Exactly what is on my mind as regards Lamar's case,", the singer wrote: "Yes" and added "Heartfelt honest prayers tonight."

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