Lady Gaga uses song to communicate with her fiance.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

The 'Alejandro' hitmaker admits she finds it difficult to express her feelings, so often composes music so that Taylor Kinney can understand her point of view.

She said: "I'm much better at communicating through my work. Sometimes I feel like, even with my fiancé, I'll tell him I feel a certain way, but then he understands me better if I create a song and play it for him. I wrote a song for him the other day and it really sat with him because it was something I couldn't say with words, only through song."

Gaga admits there is often pressure on her to look "perfect" but she is more interested in establishing longevity and continuing to love her work.

Speaking to the September issue of CR Fashion Book, she said: "As a 29-year-old girl, at this stage in my pop career everybody goes, 'Oh she's getting old,' and everybody's so worried about having a perfect body, a perfect face, and perfect hair.

"When, you know, actually, legacy and longevity is about having some sort of story and footprint to leave in the world when you die, chasing your talent until you're dead. And that, as an artist, you love your art 'til death."

And the 'Poker Face' hitmaker admits her outlook is very different to what she was told to expect when she was younger, even though she has never been interested in being "trendy".

She added: "It's the antithesis of what I was taught growing up, which is that at this age I would have to fight in order to continue to look young, in order to continue to be trendy. When, you know, I never was trendy. I was always anti-trend."