Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

The 37-year-old actress was shocked to find the 47-year-old actor laughing and joking with her relative at a screening of their new movie 'Interstellar' when her gran got so "star-struck" by Matthew and frantically started taking pictures of the hunky Academy Award-winner.

Speaking on an episode of 'Conan', which airs tonight (13.11.14), she said: "He flirted with her like I have never seen! They met at a screening of 'Interstellar' and my grandmother was so star-struck, and she kept saying, 'I want a selfie Matthew!'

"She then proceeded to do a photoshoot in front of everyone, she was like, 'You stand there,' and she just started taking pictures of Matthew.

"But then I took a picture of the two of them, and my God ... I don't think she even realised I was taking the picture."

But Matthew - who has been married to Camila Alves since 2012 - isn't the only star Jessica's grandmother has her eyes on as the flame-haired star explained 'Scarface' actor Al Pacino also caught her eye.

When asked if her family get star-struck around other celebrities, she replied: "I took my grandma, my very first big job was working with Al Pacino, and she took a picture with him and she framed it and put it next to her bed, so it was on her bedside table like ... Al Pacino."

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