Mel B

Mel B

The X Factor judge has spoken out about her issues with her eyes following laser surgery that went wrong 15 years ago. She is now considering a cornea implant after years of not being able to see out of one eye. 

She said: "The lasering went wrong so this will be totally life-changing. I can't see at all out of my left eye."

She explained that she is also thinking of inviting another child into the family: "We've been talking about it for two years. I'm 40 next year, I want to have one more baby."

Her partner Stephen - who also has 10-year-old daughter Giselle from a previous relationship - added: "I think there are so many kids in the world that we could give a chance to."

The couple want their children to feel thay the can talk to them about anything given that they have both had some points in their lives that have been hard. 

In a joint interview with HELLO! magazine, Stephen said: "Mel and I have known each other for a very long time and what we have just works.

"Bottom line is it's all about family. We're both very open with our kids. I like to think they can tell us anything and everything.

"We've both been through hard times, we've both been in dark places, we both remember what it's like to be young, so nothing shocks us and we're also both very positive about life."