Miley Cyrus is bedridden with flu.

Miley Cyrus (c) Instagram

Miley Cyrus (c) Instagram

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker has been forced to take a break from her busy schedule and rest up after she was struck down with a nasty case of the influenza virus while Los Angeles is hit with scorching temperatures.

Taking to her Instagram account on Sunday night (06.09.15), Miley sought sympathy from her fans as she shared a series of snaps of her snuggled up under blankets.

She posted: "When it's 100 degrees outside but you are feelin sickyyyyy and you are freezing (sic)"

But it didn't take long before the 22-year-old pop star started to perk up a little as her two rescue kittens KiKi and LiLo bounced into her room and smothered her with cuddles.

Sharing a shot of her four-legged friends sitting on her, she said: "Reason 1,000,000,000,000 why I (love) kitties! Da best care takerzzzz! When I'm sick deez little puss pusssssss baby me (sic)"

However, it wasn't just the kittens who wanted to nurse the blonde beauty back to full health as her pet pooch also treated her to some kisses as she slurped on a hot drink.

Despite having the energy to bombard her fans with 'sick' selfies, Miley felt the need to prove how unwell she was by uploading a gruesome photo of her raw and inflamed tonsils.

She simply captioned it, "Gnarly", before getting up to have her blonde dreadlocks taken out of her hair.

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