Morrissey has opened up about living with cancer and has revealed his treatments have slowed him down.



The 57-year-old singer first revealed he had been diagnosed with Barrett's cancer in 2014 stating in a matter-of-fact way that doctors had "scraped cancerous tissues four times already, but whatever. If I die, then I die. And if I don't, then I don't".

Now, the former Smiths frontman has confirmed he is still being treated for the disease, admitting he is sick of being tested and finds his treatment debilitating.

Speaking to Israeli online publication Walla!, the 'This Charming Man' hitmaker said: "I think [cancer treatment] has slowed me down considerably because doctors and hospitals and medications are actually very ageing in their way, and they can often exhaust you more than whatever medical problem you have. If I'm asked to give any more blood I think I'll crack up."

Despite his illness wearing him out, Morrissey has been writing new songs and plans on releasing on a new album once he has found a label to release it following his fallout with Harvest Records who dropped his last LP, 2014's 'World Peace Is None of Your Business', just three weeks after it came out following a series of disagreements between the company and the musician.

Morrissey said: "It is not possible to find a recording deal, so we would record it ourselves as soon as we can find a distributor who could make it available worldwide.

"There was a time when the music industry served the artist, but now the artist must serve the music industry ... which is why everything is now so tasteless."

Last month, Morrissey announced he is heading out on a world tour and will be travelling to Japan, China, North America, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

The 'How Soon Is Now?' singer is also performing just one concert in the UK in his hometown of Manchester on 20 August at the Manchester Arena.

The tour kicks off at Berlin's Tempodrom on 16 August 16 and will end at the Abraham Chavez Theatre in El Paso, Texas, on 23 November.

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