Nick Frost was once homeless.

Nick Frost

Nick Frost

The 43-year-old actor has revealed him and his family were chucked out of their house when he was younger by creditors after his father's business went bust.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show,' he said of his childhood: "We got thrown out of our house, the house got taken away by creditors, we weren't re-homed so our neighbour at the time - a lovely lady called Chris - actually put us up in her spare bedroom so there were three of us and a giant alsatian [in one room]."

The comedian - who was 14 at the time - believes the heartbreaking incident has scarred him for life because he was at an age where he easily absorbed everything.

He added: "Being a young man, you don't realise that what they've [his parents] done is in fact pumped everything into this business, so when that failed essentially we were left literally with people taking chattels out of our house.

"And the car went and that was essentially the point at which my life changed forever. It was a sh*t time too, I think if you were younger, then you might not remember it and if you're older, you can distance yourself from it but when you're 14 to 16, it's the meat and potatoes of it."

'The Jonathan Ross Show' will air on Saturday October 24 at 10.25PM on ITV.

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