Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas once went on a date with someone who'd researched him online beforehand.

The 22-year-old singer admits he's been on a number of bad dates in the past but one in particular stands out to him because the lady knew too much about him and he felt awkward when she fired questions at him.

Speaking in the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, he said: "Well, there was a few [dates] where, like, alcohol was involved and it just got really bad. Those weren't necessarily the worst dates.

"The worst dates are when people, like, know more about me than is comfortable."

He elaborated on one particular time: "She just starts asking me questions that you wouldn't know unless I told you, but she knew from wherever, from online or something. I don't know. It was just very odd."

The hunky star has three vital traits he looks for in a woman before he starts a relationship with her.

When asked what he looks for in a partner, he said: "Honesty, sense of humour, and good times."

However, he admits he can't stand going on dates with people who spend all of the time on their phone, rather than enjoying the romantic occasion.

He added: "No phones. Put your phone away. That's, like, every date, even years into a relationship. Stop texting. Pay attention to what's going on right now."

Meanwhile, Nick is currently dating his brother Joe Jonas' ex-girlfriend, model, Olivia Culpo.