One Direction may play their last show at the Superbowl.

One Direction

One Direction

The 'Night Changes' hitmakers announced they would be going on an extended hiatus next year and a source has now claimed the group may join the line-up for the coveted half-time show, with a performance that will act as a "farewell" to their many fans.

They told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "NFL bosses want a superstar line-up and One Direction are very much in the mix. They want a pop and rock mash-up and it is thought that Coldplay and Bruno Mars are in talks too.

"NFL bigwigs want a one-off show that will be remembered and garner the greatest audience figures ever. Obviously the 12-minute half-time show will be worth millions in revenue, sales and downloads too. With the band finishing it would be the ultimate way for the group to say farewell to their fans."

Meanwhile, band member Liam Payne recently insisted the band will work together again after their break.

He said: "I realise now this is the time to start branching out and exploring. This won't last forever, and there will be a point when we will break off and do our own things, but ... we will work together again.

"A lot of people say to me, 'Oh, you'll go solo,' but I haven't thought about that. If the right song comes along and I think I should sing it, then I will release it as a solo artist. Otherwise, I'm happy being behind the scenes. When the others boys [in the group] go solo, I would love to write songs for them. I want to make great music that people want to listen to."