Ryan Reynolds was "nervous" about signing up to Twitter.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

The 'Green Lantern' star - who created an account on the microblogging site only eight months ago - has admitted he thought he was "too late" to join the site.

He said: "I was nervous. It was something that I saw as obviously a huge part of the zeitgeist, but after I'd gone five or six years without ever touching it, I thought that it was too late to get involved now."

But the 38-year-old actor - who has six-month-old daughter James with wife Blake Lively - was convinced to stay active on the account after his online fans assured his movie 'Deadpool' would go ahead.

He added: "The movie got green lit based on those people on Twitter.

"I need to connect with these people. It's also for promoting a movie these days and to do the kinds of unorthodox pushes that we're going to be doing for 'Deadpool' you have to have social media."

However, Ryan says he still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to uploading photographs.

He added to E! News: "I'm not big on the photo thing.

"I'm going to start getting better at it. I just more or less use it as a means to just make a joke here and there."