Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

The 24-year-old daughter of the former 'Baywatch' star says her father is her "best friend" and he has taught her "a lot about self-respect" because he is always happy to stop to sign autographs for his fans and have pictures taken with them.

She said: "He's such an awesome person and really is my best friend. He's so grateful to every single fan who asks for an autograph - every person who asks he'll take pictures with and talk to.

"It took us so long to get through Piccadilly Circus because he's so friendly to everyone who comes up to him.

"He teaches me a lot about self-respect and respecting others - he really is just a kid in a big guy's body."

Taylor-Ann also loves watching the 62-year-old star - who also has daughter Hayley Hasselhoff, 22, with his ex-wife Pamela Bach - appear in pantomime in Britain, where she spends Christmas every year, and she also enjoys being in the UK because she gets to wear her coats.

She added to Metro newspaper: "I get to see a lot of the UK with my dad's panto work and I love it.

"You guys have great Christmas markets and I love getting to wear my coats.

"Ever year, it's somewhere different - Nottingham, Manchester and now it's Southend.

"I loved Nottingham - we had a little apartment and that town was so cute and so much fun.

"I love going to new places. I have no idea where they are but I love arriving and exploring. "

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