Tina Fey (left) and Amy Poehler

Tina Fey (left) and Amy Poehler

The former '30 Rock' star admits she and the 'Parks and Recreation' actress need to stop procrastinating and start planning what to say when they host the star-studded event in Beverly Hills for the third year running on the weekend, but she also admitted it will be their final time presenting the awards show.

She said: "We haven't written the show yet so we have to hurry up and get that done.

"This is for sure our last time. We did a three-year deal."

The pair are known for embarrassing stars in the audience with their hilarious quips, but Tina joked she wants to shock the crowd on Sunday in a different way - by daring to bare her derriere.

When asked about her clothing choice for the upcoming ceremony, she said: "Bottomless. I want to do it bottomless."

Despite the pair's lack of preparation ahead of the event, Tina insists she is not nervous at all about hosting it again because she and Amy make a great team.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she added: "I'm ready, I'm bringing it. Amy and I get along very well in that way.

"[We're] easygoing and we are supportive of, 'What have you got? Okay, great. I'll do this then.' We work very well together in that way."

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