Straight talking comedian Kathy Griffin is about to launch her hit US TV series ‘My Life on the D-List’ here in the UK and she tells what life is really like at the bottom of the party list.‘My Life on the D-List’ is a reality show which follows Kathy through the highs and lows of being a minor celebrity. But, as she reveals, it’s not always easy having a camera crew behind you 24 hours a day.“It was horrible! I was so aware of them at first. However I did really enjoy watching the tapes back. It was very embarrassing watching myself do things like eating with my mouth open but all good fun really” Kathy did however get some tips from her celebrity friends before doing the show: “ Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson told me they had one rule while filming The Newlyweds and that was never to show anything in the bedroom or the bathroom. But that went out of the window after day three with me. I ended up with total access. I just didn’t see the point in me walking down the hall and then cutting filming because I want to go into the bathroom and brush my teeth.”The show has been a huge success in the US and is expected to make Kathy as well known in the UK. However she is not worried about losing her D-list status as she becomes more famous: “I don’t worry at all. Last week I had a big gig that sold out Comedy Hall in New York and after the show a lady came up to me and said how much she had enjoyed the show and all that. Then she turned to her friend and said ‘I’ve just been speaking to what’s her face.’ No matter how successful I am I will always be known as what’s her face.”Kathy is renowned for the controversial comments she makes about celebrities and this has gotten her in trouble with the likes of Steven Speilberg but she insists it’s all good fun: “My comments are never meant to be taken seriously. I don’t joke about serious issues. It’s always just making fun of Paris Hilton and the like.”Now the show is being screened in the UK Kathy has a whole new country of celebrities to make fun of: “ I’m learning more about English celebrities as I go on. Big Brother makes me laugh. The way they become so famous for sitting in a house is ridiculous.”One thing is for certain though, Kathy will not be entering the Big Brother house herself: “I bet it smells really bad. There can’t be much ventilation in there.”

Although famous for criticising celebrities, Kathy does admit to liking one Brit in particular: “I love Jordan. She’s very forthcoming and says what she thinks. I love what she says about her liposuction. She’s honest about it not working. I’ve had the same experience although obviously she’s taller and thinner than me but I found it didn’t work too.”

Kathy even indulged in a bit of sight seeing on a break from promoting her show. She admits: “I got a double decker bus and went round all the best places. I went to 10 Downing Street but the guards weren’t too happy when I tried to take a picture of me climbing over the gates.”

So it seems America’s favourite D Lister is already making a name for herself in the UK and ‘My Life on the D-List’ will soon have us Brits welcoming Kathy Griffin and her hilarious wit into our living rooms and our hearts.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List premieres on Sunday 3rd June at 10.30pm on E! Entertainment Television (Sky: 155/ Virgin Media: 173)

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