Checkout: A Life on the Tills

Checkout: A Life on the Tills

Checkout: A Life on the Tills - the extraordinary international bestseller by ex-supermarket cashier and literary phenomenon Anna Sam has finally hit the UK!

Anna Sam spent eight years as a checkout girl. Checkout: A Life on the Tills is her witty expose of what it’s really like to work in a supermarket: the relentless grind and less-than perfect working conditions, along with encounters with every kind of customer from the bizarre to the downright rude.

Anna witnessed all forms of human behaviour ranging from the loathsome to the lustful: queue-jumping, cheating, stealing, moaning and sometimes a quick fondle between the meat and the cheese counter.

Anna’s story has won her fans all over Europe, turning Checkout: A Life on the Tills into a huge international bestseller published in ten languages.

A literature graduate from Rennes University, Anna Sam was articulate, cultured and unable to find work in publishing, her chosen field, when she took a job as a supermarket cashier as a stopgap. Eight years later she was still there.  

Fed up with the indignities of life as a beepeuse she wrote a blog: It was a triumph, and checkout girls around the country emailed Sam their worst nightmare customer stories.

When her local paper revealed her identity she was inundated with requests for media appearances on television and radio, and a staggering 13 publishers made her offers.

For a chance to win a copy of Checkout: A Life on the Tills answer this question:

The French are famous for producing fantastic :

a) Wine

b) Tea

c) Pizza

Closing Date : 17th October 2009

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