Boogeyman, tells the haunting tale which sees the lines separating reality from the imaginary vanish as the childhood myth turns into the truth.

The chilling and disturbing horror, Boogeyman, is available to own & rent on DVD & video from 4th July 2005, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd.

Tim (Barry Watson, 7th Heaven, Teaching Mrs. Tingle) has been terrorised his entire life by the disappearance of his Father, one night after reading a bedtime story to his beloved child he was violently sucked into his closet never to be seen or heard from again.

Terrified that the Boogeyman will return for him, Tim has used his apartment to create a safe haven. He has removed every dark corner there are no closets or bed, nowhere for evil to hide. With this in place he is able to rebuild his life, he has a great job and a beautiful girlfriend Jessica (Tory Mussett (Matrix II: Reloaded, Mission Impossible II).

His world falls apart though when he is forced to return to his childhood home, after the death of his mother (Lucy Lawless, Xena: Princess Warrior). As Tim relives the past, memories take over and his crippling fear returns.

The panic takes hold as the horror starts over again; one by one his loved ones start to disappear. Tim must finally face the source of all his trepidation; to do this he must confront things head on and spend the night alone in his family home.

Boogeyman sees longstanding producing partners Sam Raimi (The Grudge, Spiderman & The Evil Dead) and Rob Tapert (The Grudge, The Evil Dead & Timecop), reunite in the second film for their newly established Ghost House Pictures. Ghost House Pictures is dedicated to producing feature films with horror, sci-fi & fantasy themes, an area in which Raimi & Tapert are known for their unique & revolutionary approach.

This DVD release includes chilling extras such as cast interviews on the evolution of the horror film, a look at the visual effects progression & fantastic deleted scenes including an alternate ending.

This disturbing & haunting tale of the terrorising world of the Boogeyman is available to own and rent on DVD and video from 4th July 2005, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd.

Film (c)2004 GHP 1-Boogeyman,LLC. All rights Reserved. DVD Artwork (c) 2005 Sony Pictures Entertainment. All Rights Reserved Packaging (c) 2005 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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