After their parents perish in a suspicious house fire and they are left in desperate need of a guardian, the Baudelaire orphans battle to stay out of the clutches of the superbly talented, evil Count Olaf (that’s me, not Jim Carrey as some people will try to tell you).

Violet (Emily Browning) uses her skills as an inventor, Klaus (Liam Aiken) his photographic memory of every book he’s ever read and baby Sunny her secret language in their attempts to foil my plan to get my hands on their enormous fortune.

Watch as the Baudelaire orphans are passed from snake mad Uncle Monty Montgomery (Billy Connolly) to fear stricken, Aunt Josephine (Meryl Streep) as the naïve banker Mr Po (Timothy Spall) tries to find them a suitable home.

Try as they might to escape me, every time, I’m one step ahead and their newfound happiness is ruined as I use my outstanding acting ability to outwit them all and keep the children (and their money) within my grasp.

Will the Baudelaire orphans live happily ever after? Not if I can help it!

Now for the sales stuff…Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is available as a one disc DVD, with an hour of extras and two commentaries

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