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When it's business as usual, PetsPyjamas delight furry friends and their owners, with truly-welcoming petaways at more than 4,000 hotels, cottages, country houses and B&Bs in the UK and abroad. With something for every breed, personality and budget, PetsPyjamas offers exceptional dog-friendly packages you won’t find anywhere else. With the first dog-friendly holiday booking, PetsPyjamas customers automatically become members of their Priority Paws club, which gives dogs and their owners access to their own VIP pet concierge, complimentary 24/7 vet advice from PawSquad for the duration of their trip, VIP discounts, exclusive deals and more.

While holidays – with or without the dog – are not on the cards right now, it's good to have something fun to look forward to, which is why we are giving one lucky hound and their human the chance to win a £50 PetsPyjamas Travel Voucher to redeem against one of their pawesome holidays. See end for entry details.

In the meantime, should your dog appear to be feeling restless, unsettled or bored with the change in routine as a result of lockdown and their favourite person being at their paw-tips all day long, PetsPyjamas has devised a list of simple doggy boredom busters to help channel your dog’s enthusiasm throughout the day.

1. Play tug of war - there’s nothing like a good game of tug and war to drain the batteries of an energetic dog. Whether it’s a bit of rope, a toy, or old socks, set aside five minutes or so, every couple of hours to play a quick game of tug, your pooch will be kept stimulated, both physically and mentally.

2. Play nose games - hide treats around the house/garden and send a curious canine on a search and sniff mission. It's at your discretion as to how to many treats to hide but make it hard enough and your dog could be snooping around for hours. An easier and quicker way to peak your dog’s interest is a simple game of ‘which hand is it’. Either way, nose games can be super fun and mentally stimulating for a pup.

3. Interactive dog toys - toys such as Kong Wobblers or other food dispenser toys are great for keeping dogs occupied. A persistent pooch won’t stop until they get their treat, so there’s no chance of them getting bored.

4. Doggy puzzles - are a brilliant way to burn some of your pooch’s mental energy. Treat puzzles like the Dog Brick and Dog Tornado by Nina Ottosson are sure to keep your dog busy. Certain breeds, such as sheepdogs, hunting dogs and herding dogs tend to have a problem-solving mindset, so puzzles can be incredibly satisfying for them!

5. Build a digging box – dogs love to dig but to preserve the state of the garden, it might be a good idea to build their very own digging box. There are various examples of these on Pinterest, but all that is basically needed is four wooden sleepers, some sand/soil, and a digging doggie. Bury your dog’s favourite toys or treats in this mini pooch playground, and he or she will be entertained for hours.

6. Tricks & training - they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but actually, it’s never too late to teach a dog something new. In fact, older dogs can sometimes be easier to train than pups, purely because they are able to concentrate for longer. Whether your pooch is a puppy or an adult, teaching them a new trick or training their impulse control is a great way to keep their brain ticking over. Aside from basic obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘lay’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’, there are various other commands to teach a dog to improve their discipline.

7. Indoor fetch – a game of indoor fetch (if played carefully) can actually be a fantastic way to keep a hound mentally and physically active. Find an area of your home that is safe to play - an empty hallway or large space can be good. Get a ball or your dog’s favourite toy and throw it for them to fetch and return to you. Switch it up to other areas of the house and be creative! Play this for 5 or 10 minutes every few hours for a worn-out doggie!

8. Chew Chew! - most dogs love to chew, and although they’ll chew on pretty much anything that fits in their mouth, there are a load of brilliant chew toys out there that will keep a dog occupied for hours on end. From bacon infused bones to bouncy balls and of course, the classic Kong, there’s a huge range of super yummy and durable toys that your pooch will absolutely love to chew.

9. Walkies – with current restrictions on how far owners are allowed to go with their dogs and only one outing for exercise permitted each day, the daily dog walk could easily become a bit groundhog day! Dogs love to find new things, so wherever possible and in a way that allows sufficient social distancing, switch things up with a new path or trail to make the experience more interesting for your dog.

10. Petflix ‘n’ Chill - there is actually such a thing called DogTV, a TV channel scientifically developed to entertain and relax a dog! Accessible through the DogTV app, Apple TV, Fire TV and iOS/Android, the channel plays “special content created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing, supporting their natural behaviour patterns.” It’s like Cbeebies for canines!

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Closing Date : 31st May 2020

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