“Sittingitis” The phrase that describes how sedentary we have become through chronic sitting, a daily habit we are accustomed to, and stuck in routine.



The solution is the Varidesk desk. Move from sitting to standing in under 3 seconds. If you stand approximately 50% of your day can increase productivity by 43% (University of Leicester), reducing blood pressure improving circulation and burn up to an additional 50 calories per hour*. *4 hours per day, that equates to an additional 200 calories per day burnt, or a massive 48,000 per year.

The Varidesk Soho is available in black or white is £150 from UK.Varidesk.com

Question: How many additional calories can you burn per hour using a varidesk?

A: 200

B: 300

C: 400 

Closing Date : 20th November 2019

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