Jersey Autumn Walking Week

Jersey Autumn Walking Week

Situated just an hour away from London, Jersey offers a variety of breathtaking walks for any discerning walker.

From gentle strolls down leafy lanes to challenging uphill hikes, there’s something for everyone during Jersey’s Autumn Walking Week.

Running from 15th - 22nd September, experience a feast of food and culture as you see, smell and savour island life. Stroll along the seaside, through woodland, country lanes and cliff top paths, all in the company of the island’s most respected and experienced walking guides.

Whether you choose to venture along the dramatic north coast cliffs, stroll down shady lanes to picturesque villages or take a laid-back coastal jaunt, you can be sure to find a walk that suits you.

Saturday 15th September

- Corbière Lighthouse - Seeing the Light

A rare opportunity to visit the famous La Corbière lighthouse and learn all about its history. Join guide Sue Hardy as you venture across the causeway at half tide and enjoy the spectacular views from the lantern room.

Perfect for anyone looking for an adventure, guests to the lighthouse will be entertained with tales of tides and shipwrecks.

14.30 - 17.00
Grade: Easy (1m & steps)
Price: £12

Sunday 16th September

- Enemy Across the Water

Take a walk through history with this fantastic tour around St Catherine’s Bay where a large breakwater stretches out to sea.

Starting at Archirondel, visitors to the island will be taken on a trip through time with visits to the WW2 German bunkers and Napoleonic-era towers.

10.00 - 13.00
Grade: Moderate (4m)

Monday 17th September

- Hidden Gardens of Rozel

Uncover the secret gardens of Rozel with this enchanting walk around St Martin. Behind the everyday filigree gates and manicured hedges, horticultural delights await for keen explorers.

Hidden glades, historic dolmens and ancient manor houses are just a small example of the surprises that visitors can expect to find during this walk.

14.00 - 17.30
Grade: Moderate (6m)

Tuesday 18th September

- Murder, Muck and Mayhem

For those with a thirst for gore, the Murder, Muck and Mayhem tour will take walkers on an exploration around the island by the dim light of dusk.

Walkers will be taken off the beaten track to uncover the spooky side of Jersey’s history as they learn about the gruesome events, bizarre characters and odd activities that lurk in Jersey’s past.

19.30 - 21.30
Grade: Easy (2m)

Wednesday 19th September

- Wild Vegetables of the Ocean

From fertilizer to food flavourings, seaweed has many uses and continues to be one of the most important plants in Jersey.

During the Wild Vegetables of the Ocean tour, visitors will be taken on a guided walk across the seabed in search of these remarkable plants and will learn all about their culinary and medicinal uses, along with a history of seaweed gathering.

14.30 - 17.00
Grade: A gentle walk in the intertidal zone, expect to get your feet wet up to your knees.
Price: £14.50 adults, £7.25 children

Thursday 20th September

- Simple Pleasures

Amble into the autumn air with this visit to The Elms, the headquarters of The National Trust for Jersey.

Surrounded by meadows, an orchard and a cider-press, this walk will provide an abundance of beautiful scenery and rich agricultural history. The walk finishes with a welcome drink at the local country pub.

13.40 - 16.15
Grade: Easy (3.5m)

Friday 21st September

- The Five Parish Walk

Take a walk through Jersey’s five parishes and learn about the history, traditions and people who live in each part of the island.

This six mile guided walk gives visitors the opportunity to take in all that this beautiful island has to offer.

10.30 - 14.00
Grade: Easy (6m)

Saturday 22nd September

- Three Sandy Bays

Explore Jersey’s beautiful coast with this four mile walk around the island. Listen to sea-faring tales and discover vantage points created by the occupying forces during WW2.

At the end of the walk, visitors can wind down with a drink at the Smuggler’s Inn at Ouaisné Bay.

14.00 - 17.30
Grade: Moderate (4m)

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