Chocs Away

Chocs Away

A delicious new attraction  - CHOCOLATE - York’s Sweet Story - celebrating York’s chocolate and confectionery heritage is set to open in York in Spring 2012.

The new attraction will take visitors on a journey through a fascinating story that begins in Central America’s rainforests to discover how confectionery found a home in York.  

Memories from the people of York and generations of secrets from the families that founded the confectionery companies Rowntree’s, Terry’s and Craven’s will be shared for the first time using innovative interpretative techniques and precious objects from the past to bring each story to life.

Visitors will learn how the confectionery industry became one of the biggest employers in York; how a Quaker named Mary Tuke made such an impact on the city and its people when she opened a grocery store in 1725 selling cocoa; how the production of sugared almonds in the French Almond Works in York influenced 1950s fashion; and how if it wasn’t for two men who sold cough lozenges and lemon and orange peel in 1767, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and All Gold wouldn’t exist today.

The new attraction will feature priceless objects such as the long lost cocoa tin that survived Captain Scott’s fateful expedition to Antarctica and the famous Mr York who was the George Clooney of his day. 

There will be lots of opportunities to find out interesting facts about York’s famous brands.  And, of course, no story of York and confectionery would be complete without a celebration of the life of Kit Kat.

Everyone who visits CHOCOLATE - York’s Sweet Story will learn the fine art of chocolate tasting and the intricate processes that cocoa beans go through to become a chocolate bar including grinding, conching and tempering.

CHOCOLATE - York’s Sweet Story will bring all these stories together for the first time when it opens in King’s Square, York.  For more information please visit or call 0845 498 9411.

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