Sex Tips

Sex Tips

Guys this is a position that will give your girl an orgasm. Get it right and she will love loving sessions with you - Thats a promise.

You should be able to hold your ejaculation until she orgasms using this position. The position does cause fatigue for you but it and makes her really tight on your penis. Basically you'll need to do some PC muscle exercises.

The reason this position works so great is because the depth of penetration and the tightness of your girls vagina will feel good for both of you, more than normal.

You’ll need lube for this. Water based lubes are best for this and using a condom will make him last longer allowing you to get the best orgasm.


She should be on her stomach, with her stomach on pillows and her arms or face down on pillows. It’s like a laying down doggy style.

Keep pleasuring her enjoying the experience of helping her orgasm

When she orgasm's, she will just feel it flow and become intense

How Its Done:

In this advanced doggy style, she will have her legs between your legs, your legs are outside her.

Make sure she is wet if not use some lube to get to the fun part.

Now enter her, making sure you have some lube on your hand.

You will need to position yourself with a few thrusts inside her, and then to reach around with your hand for her clit.

Start by moving slow inside her with eight or nine shallow thrusts followed by one long thrust, then repeat.

Then make sure you vary your thrusts, it will keep her anticipating which will come next, will it be faster or slower, deeper or shallower, and this will turn her on even more.

As you are thrusting you need to slowly use your hands and fingers in a circle on her clitoris and outside her vagina. Make sure to listen to her so as you apply just the right pressure and not to be to fast or slow.

Don’t give random jerks and movements of your hand as it doesn’t feel good.

Vary the direction of your hand on her clit, moving up and down, left and right, clockwise and counter-clockwise.

You will feel her building toward an orgasm, she’ll usually let out uncontrollable moans.

Make sure you increase the speed of hyour hand gradually during these moments and keep thrusting.

You may find that her grip on your penis tightens during this, making it difficult for you not to ejaculate. This is when you may have to slow down and even stay still she will be able to control this if she wraps her legs around ypu.

Slowly she’ll build to orgasm, and her body will start moving on its own, and if it doesn’t start moving yourself so that you use both your hand and your penis to help her orgasm.

At this stage she will be using your body as she moves to an orgasm allow her to direct your hand and position your penis to build the intensity of her orgasm.

When she orgasms, you will keep feeling it so let it flow. Remember as she losses herself in the passion not to move your hand around as much, as you are super sensitive.

Now if you haven’t ejaculated at this point, take your hand away from her clit and start thrusting. Preferably it would be better if you don’t ejaculate (Taoism, tantra) but it’s up to you and her.

It’s up to you if you want to change positions or do it longer, it is now you can enjoy yourself as the pressures off she has had an intense toe curling orgasm.

Ejaculation before she orgasms

If you ejaculate before her orgasm not a worry pull out, and use your fingers. Start with one in her vagina, while still rubbing her clit, and move to two soon after.

If you have ejaculated inside a condom, just pull it out without moving your hand away from her clit. But if you ejaculated inside her, well, just deal with it.

Keep pleasuring her enjoying the experience of helping her orgasm. It’s OK to moan and stroke her skin with your face.

Now if you do this position and exercise, your results will vary, but try it out, and you’ll be surprised with your results with The Advanced Doggy Style.

Many women complain about a man not touching and stroking their clitoris so if you want to, you’ll just have to let her show you what works and how it makes your orgasm stronger and more intense.

If a you understand how a womans clit plays in sex, she’ll be ecstatic with the pleasure as you play with her clit and drive her to wild orgasms.

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