Women Prefer Looks Over Personality

Women Prefer Looks Over Personality

When it comes to dating, women are now being rather blunt about the fact that they want a good looking man on their arm.

Women are even willing to shun a man with a steady income or a bubbly personality and a good sense of humour for a man with good looks.

FlirtFinder, the company that conducted the research, found that the perfect man is to be handsome and muscular with a passion for sports.

The perfect woman didn’t conform to the typical slim stereotype but did have to have a naughty side to her.

The dating service found that of their most desirable men, not one was overweight or unattractive, instead being good looking, and sporting a toned torso.

Having flabby abs was a massive no for women, saying they wanted their men in shape practicing sports such as kickboxing, bodybuilding and rugby.

It may not be so surprising that women also go for a man in uniform with fireman and soldiers being the most sought after professions.

It’s not all about being the macho man though, women also look for men who have a soft spot and hope to be a father one day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men aren’t as fussy as women. FlirtFinder found that men aren’t as concerned about physical appearance as they are about how much flesh is on show.

Men admitted that a woman is most likely to get their attention by flashing some leg or cleavage regardless of how slim or attractive they are.

Justin Battell, managing director of FlirtFinder says, “Men don’t seem to aim quite as high as their female counterparts and are happier messaging women who are less likely to reject them.

“While women seem to be drawn to good-looking alpha males with long term potential, men are more interested in having a date full stop.”

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