Dating tips

Dating tips

The first date isn't really a date at all, it's more of an interview for you to see if this person is sane and if she is worth the bother of getting to know that little bit better.

For those who want to get to that second date, here are the top 5 tips to success.

1.For god sake be interested and not just sit there and stare at her. Focus on her while you are with her. Listen as much as you speak. There is nothing worse than dealing with someone who is so self-absorbed that you can't get a word in edgewise.
When you're out together, we know it's hard, but resist staring at other women. If you have any interest at all you will manage to keep your attention focused on her throughout the date.

2.Like it or not, many women have found that guys who expect them to meet them somewhere out of their area or pay are losers. It doesn't seem fair, but believe it or not, that's how it usually turns out. If you are really interested in your date, you will meet her and pay for the date. Make sure you bring enough money for the last thing you want is to be asking for a lead on the date, no-one likes a cheap skate.

3.Sorry guys but women do prefer if the men do the calling to arrange the first few dates anyway. Don't leave it too long to organise the second date, if you leave it too long she will become disinterested and will move on.

4.Absolutely No Sex! Immediate intimacy is a complete no-no. Men should not suggest it, suggesting sex on the first date will make the women feel you only want one thing and you can forget the idea of a second date after that.

4.Treat each other the way you would like to be treated. If you suggest something and they don't agree with it then accept it, under no circumstances argue with her or tell her that she's wrong.

5.Don't make up stories while trying to impress her just be true and honest (well within reason) don't be telling her your life story, let her find some things out for herself- its more fun that way. Don't talk about your future with her unless you really mean it and have given it some serious thought, after all you have only meet the girl.

If you follow these guidelines then you've done everything right so far. You got the date, you went to the right place, you didn't say the wrong thing and everything looks good.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that neither person calls for a second date for at least 3 days. If you call any earlier, you'll look too anxious, right? Wrong!!!

The second date can be considered a second chance to make a second impression, only this time, both of you can loosen up a little. The second date can be more about fun and getting to know each other a little more intimately.

Good Luck !

MaleXtra Kenneth Thornton

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