Eyes Down for Some Celebrity Bingo Callers

In the great world of showbiz, everyone has to start somewhere, however high up the ladder of fame that they’re destined to climb. So, for some big-name celebrities, it all started up on stage in a glittery jacket calling out bingo numbers. The classic beginning for many was at one of the old-style British holiday camps where they still rely on fresh-faced new talent, as you’ll soon see at https://www.pontins.com/bluecoats-home/. For others it was just a chance to indulge in a passion for performance – so here are four famous faces who’ve picked out more than the odd bingo ball in their time.

Gary Barlow

It’s hard to believe that national treasure and real musical talent behind Take That ever put in a stint calling out “legs eleven” and “all on its own, number one”, but he did. In fact, he’s said to love the game so much that he arranged to play it with family and friends as part of his 10th wedding anniversary celebrations, with him calling out the numbers. His former Take That partner Robbie Williams is also said to be partial to a game or two. His most famous win came in a game in Hollywood in aid of a cancer charity – and, naturally, he donated the prize to the good cause.

Simon Webbe

Before finding fame with Blue, Simon Webbe also put in a stint in the role. He even claims to have been the youngest bingo caller in Britain, having started the job in a bingo hall in the Small Heath area of Birmingham just three days after his 18th birthday. In a newspaper interview he has admitted that the rules meant he simply had to call out the numbers without the traditional bingo lingo, but he was allowed to start each session with “Take a seat, rest your feet and welcome to the bingo!”.

Anthony Cotton

Coronation Street fans will know Anthony best as barman and factory worker Sean Tully and his route to bingo calling was an unusual one. He was spotted playing the role of a caller in the soap and, before long, real bookings started coming in. No doubt inspired by increasingly pop culture-fuelled popular online sites like https://bingo.paddypower.com/ the halls felt they could benefit from some star-power. But they are also competing against a wide range of games, plus the convenience of being to play whenever, and wherever the mood might take you.

Russell Crowe

Although you won’t find it listed in his bio at https://imdb.com/, the New Zealand star of Gladiator was also once a bingo caller. Given his brusque manner and outspoken ways, it probably won’t surprise many people that he was let go because of the rather colourful language he used when calling out the numbers.

Of course, there are many other celebrities who have also been involved in this noble profession but prefer for it to be consigned to the past. So, we’ll just have to wait for the tell-all unofficial biographies to reveal exactly who they might be.