Dane Cook has blasted the promotional poster for his new movie 'My Best Friend's Girl'.The comedian - who appears alongside Alec Baldwin, Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs in the new movie - posted the rant on his official blog, and said he looks like he is suffering from facial paralysis syndrome Bell's Palsy in the picture.One point he makes reads: "The left side of my face seems to be melting off of my skull. I guess I am looking directly into the Ark of the Covenant? Are they going for the Bell's Palsy thing here? My left side looks like Britney Spears' vagina!"Before listing the 10 things he hates about the poster, Dane writes: "Although I'm not a marketing major, I have a bit of a trusted reputation after 18 years self promoting. I'd like to inform you I had no say in this marketing campaign, but if I did, things would be different since it is obvious that this poster is boring/odd and has zero to do with the movie I performed in."In the list Dane criticises the graphics, his head, the stare, lips, fashion, flesh, hair, set, the cast and also adds his final thoughts at the end of the blog post.Dane concludes: "Granted, one poster stinking up the joint isn't the end of the world. Yet it sends the wrong message about our movie and I just wanted you to know, that I feel the pain. I really love the film and I know from past missteps marketing-wise that the wrong poster sends the wrong audience into the theatre."

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