David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is set for a move to Britain after falling in love with the country thanks to his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

The former Baywatch star has been dating Roberts since they met on the set of U.K. star-searching show Britain's Got Talent last year (11).

The Welshwoman moved to California to be with Hasselhoff, but now they are planning to invest in a property in the English countryside.

Hasselhoff tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "Hayley's a great girl and things are brilliant. We recently went to the Cotswolds for her birthday and fell in love with the place.

"We looked at a couple of houses there and have found a place in a little village called Broadway, which we've put an offer in for.

"The Cotswolds won't know what has hit them. I'm hoping the locals take to us though and I'm already naming it Hoffway... I love your country and almost feel like an honorary Brit now".

Roberts has previously rejected proposals of marriage from her partner, but has told the star she will accept next time he pops the question.

She says, "If and when he asks again, I'll say yes. I don't think he'll do the traditional thing and get my dad's blessing first but that doesn't bother me. Hardly anyone does that any more. "We've been together for over 18 months now so I think I'm ready.

But even if I do say yes, I don't want to get married for another three or four years. There's no rush".

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