Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman became a wanted man on Tuesday (24Apr12) when Florida police issued a warrant for his arrest after allegedly failing to pay child support.

The flamboyant sports star's financial troubles hit headlines last month (Mar12) when court documents revealed he was struggling to keep up withmonthly payments of almost $5,000 (£3,100) to his third wife Michelle because he was "sick" and "broke".

An arrest warrant was activated this week (begs23Apr12) after he failedto turn up for a hearing over a $179,000 (£111,875) debt to Michelle.

However, Rodman's attorneys Bradford Cohen and Vanessa Prieto headed tocourt with their client on Tuesday morning to explain that he was unaware of the date as he was never properly served with legal papers, according to

They explained the mix-up to the judge and succeeded in getting the arrest warrant revoked after revealing that Rodman is in the process of fighting the child support order.

Rodman, who once dated Madonna and was briefly married to model Carmen Electra, allegedly owes over $800,000 (£500,000) in child support and more than $51,000 (£32,000) in spousal support.