Former 'Sopranos' star Edie Falco has adopted a baby girl from Florida.The 44-year-old actress - who also has a three-year-old adopted son Anderson - adopted Macy in February, her manager Richie Jackson has confirmed.Jackson added: "Everybody is thrilled and doing great."Falco - who has previously dated 'The Devil Wears Prada' actor Stanley Tucci - is best known for playing Tony Soprano's wife Carmela in the hit US TV show. She will also start shooting a pilot for a new TV show in mid-May, in which she is expected to play an ER nurse.In 2006, Falco revealed it is her family that helps her cope with her busy professional life.She said: "Coming home to my family afterward makes the work richer, easier and more fun."

Falco recently revealed she kept her 2003 breast cancer battle a secret from her 'Sopranos' cast-mates, because she found it too emotional to talk about.

She said: "I kept my diagnosis under the radar, even from the cast and crew, because well-meaning people would have driven me crazy asking, 'How are you feeling?' I would have wanted to say, 'I'm scared, I don't feel so good, and my hair is falling out!' I bucked up, put on my Carmela fingernails, and was ready to work."

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