Edie Falco

Edie Falco

Former The Sopranos star Edie Falco credits clean living for helping her beat breast cancer in 2003.

Within two hours, I knew I had cancer

The actress has confessed she once struggled with alcohol but quit drinking 17 years ago - and she's convinced that decision helped her overcome her health crisis.

She tells America's Parade magazine, "I had really been taking care of myself for about 15 years before I got sick - not drinking, not smoking, eating well - so I fared very well.

"They (doctors) gave me very strong chemo drugs. I was so lucky that two of the biggest things in my life - my sobriety and my breast cancer - happened in the order they happened".

Falco reveals she found out she had cancer while working on the set of The Sopranos, and decided to keep her private battle a secret. She explains, "I had my biopsy at eight in the morning. Within two hours, I knew I had cancer.

"I had a miserably hard time holding on to my lines (that day). It was a terribly frightening and surreal time, but I never missed a day of work, even on the worst chemo days".

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