Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Actresses EVA LONGORIA and ALYSSA MILANO are supporting an online petition which is calling for harsher penalties when dealing with people who are cruel to animals.

  This comes after a New Jersey woman who has been charged with torturing her pit bull puppy after allegedly starving the dog and leaving him for dead, and the gorgeous stars are backing calls for more severe punishment for people convicted of hurting animals.

  The Desperate Housewives star has posted the petition link on her Twitter.com page, telling her followers, "Everyone check this out! Thx!", while Milano adds, "If you you love animals, please consider signing this."

  Dexter star Julie Benz writes on her page on the site, "Please sign... Will You Support Harsher Penalties For Animal Abuse? Need 5,000 signatures lets make a difference together!" and Eliza Dushku backs her pal's calls for action, adding: "RT (re-tweet) for my girl Julie Benz".

Meanwhile here in the UK animal protestors are also joining the actresses plight, after a lamb was recently found dumped in a nurses wheelie bin in Manchester.

The RSPCA said, "Obviously it's not everyday a lamb is found dumped in a wheelie bin, as you'd imagine, the lamb's discovery caused a lot of interest amongst people in the area and we're very grateful to them for everything they did to help."

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