Fabolous, American rapper, has denied he's connected to a string of robberies on high profile sports stars, which culminated in the knife murder of his friend in a nightclub in New York.Investigators have implicated several members of the star's Street Family in the robbery of former American football star Frank Walker, boxing champion Zab Judah, who the gang allegedly targeted twice, and National Basketball Association player Sebastian Telfair.The gang responsible for the thefts is believed to have about 20 members, all are from Brooklyn, the area the rapper grew up, and are former drug dealers.New York police claim that Shamel McKinney, Fabolous’ friend was trying to rob a man in a nightclub last month (Nov07), when he was stabbed to death.However 30-year-old Fabolous, real name John Jackson, has refuted claims he is involved with criminals.He tells AllHipHop.com, "I would like my fans and supporters worldwide to know how disappointed I am in some of the media for the misrepresentation and abuse of my name. "I do not want the young people who listen to my music and watch my videos to believe that I am engaged in any illegal activities that would discredit my character."

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