Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has learned her beloved dog has just weeks to live.

The Bad Boys II star took to on Friday (16Mar12) to detail her doggy dilemma as vets treated the pooch, named Bubba, for breathing difficulties.

In a series of posts, Union weighed up her options as her hospital bills continued to pile up.

She wrote, "Bubba the old fartin (sic) dog has been in the hospital 4 a few days and his bills R (sic) $$$ (expensive)! Vet said he's got a month or 2 at best when he gets out...

"Do I keep Bubba alive by goin back and forth 2 the hospital every 2 wks (weeks) spendin $$ (money) or let him die naturally? He's been a loyal amazing dog..".

Union decided to let Bubba live out his final days on his own and later added, "Update Bubba is coming home tomorrow...whatever happens from this point on, no more vet stays... Thank u guys 4 (sic) all the prayersthoughtsstories".

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