Gareth Gates wants to play a music festival this summer.The former 'Pop Idol' contestant is about to go on tour and if things go well he is hoping to get an invite from the organisers of Glastonbury, Reading or V.Gareth - who is preparing to release his new single 'Changes', taken from his upcoming album 'Pictures of the Other Side' - told BANG Showbiz: "I'd love to do a festival. First of all I need to see how the album does and how people respond to me. But hopefully I'll get a call and have a busy summer. That's the plan. It's an album that needs to be performed live and works best when I'm playing with a band behind me."Gareth still remains good friends with Will Young, who beat him in the final of 'Pop Idol' in 2002.The pair go out drinking together and Will has even been sending Gareth supportive text messages as he tries to re-launch his career.Gareth, 22, said: "Me and Will speak on the phone and text each other quite a lot. We hook up for a beer every now and then, we're good friends. He's up in Manchester at the minute. He's doing well up there and things are going really well for him."

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