Gareth Gates never wants to work with Simon Cowell again.The pop singer, who was signed by Simon to Sony BMG records after finishing as runner-up on 'Pop Idol' in 2002, is delighted to be rid of his former mentor and his ultra-controlling behaviour.Gareth - who is preparing to release his new single 'Changes' taken from his upcoming album 'Pictures of the Other Side' - told BANG Showbiz: "I'm glad to be out of that mould if I'm honest, my new deal has given me the creative freedom that I never had before."I don't really speak to Simon anymore. You know, I've moved on, we've all gone our separate ways which is cool. It's all worked out for the best. I've just signed for Universal and things are going great for me."Gareth - who has spent three years in the pop wilderness since his last single, 'Say It Isn't So', entered the UK chart at number four - insists he isn't proud of any of his previous hits.The 22-year-old star, who was officially dropped from Sony BMG last April, never felt he was allowed to have any creative input when he worked with Simon.He explained: "I'm never been passionate about anything I've released in the past. It's not that I regret anything it's just that the record label would give me my single and say, 'They're you go Gareth. There's your next single.'

"This time round I am very passionate about it.

"With this album every track was done as a live take, and that's the way I thought all records were made. In most cases the artist turns up for an hour goes in the studio puts his vocals on the track and that's your involvement."

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