Gareth Gates got fat from eating fast food as part of his speech therapy classes.The former 'Pop Idol' contestant - who suffers from a stammer - was made to go into McDonald's and order a Big Mac over and over again as part of his treatment to conquer his speech impediment.Gareth said in an interview with Hello magazine: "The McGuire Programme is all about confronting your fears. If you do it enough times you'll overcome the fear."With me, one of my big fears was lining up at McDonald's, getting to the counter and not being able to order a Big Mac."So what I did - and got very fat in the process - is I made myself go to McDonald's, over 50 times, until I'd conquered my fear."The 22-year-old singer has returned with a new album after a four year break, during which he tried to distance himself from his reality TV past.He said: "I've never chased fame. It's good to be seen at showbiz parties now because of the new single and it helps raise your profile, but I hate those events.

"I needed a rest. Everything happened so fast. One day I could walk down the street without anybody knowing who I was, then suddenly my clothes were being ripped, my hair pulled. It was a shock.

"I'm quite a private person and when I'm not working I like to go about my business quietly."

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