Josh Groban

Josh Groban

Josh Groban is filing a complaint with U.S. election officials after discovering he had been wrongly listed as an absentee voter when he headed to the polls on Tuesday.

I'm hearing tons of similar stories. This should NOT by any means deter you from voting. PLEASE Vote. but keep your eyes open out there

The You Raise Me Up star, who lives in Los Angeles, tried to log his vote in the presidential race on Tuesday afternoon, but he was stunned to learn he was not registered correctly and had been noted as sending in his ballot from another location.

Taking to his page to share his surprise, he wrote, "Anyone experiencing weirdness at the polls? Names not mentioned, or listed as absentee ballot incorrectly? I wanna know!

"For the record, my name at the voting station was registered as an absentee ballot. This was not requested by me or anyone in my team. This means my vote won't count unless I register a complaint which I will do".

Groban was flooded with messages from fans detailing similar problems, but he urged them not to be deterred from exercising their constitutional right - and instead warned them to be on the look out.

He added, "I'm hearing tons of similar stories. This should NOT by any means deter you from voting. PLEASE Vote. but keep your eyes open out there".

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