Lisa Snowdon's says her perfect man doesn't have to be rich or famous. The stunning model-turned-TV-presenter, who used to date 'Ocean's 11' hunk George Clooney, insists she doesn't care about what a guy does as long as he's "tall, dark and handsome". She revealed: "I don't really have a type. I guess I go for tall, dark and handsome with a great sense of humour. "And they have to be self-assured and interesting. "It wouldn't matter if he didn't have two pennies to rub together - although I wouldn't date a tramp!" Meanwhile, Snowdon has confessed she loves skinny dipping. The sexy model admits a naked moonlit swim is one of her guilty pleasures. However, Snowdon claims she would never take a nude dip in the sea - because she is scared of sharks. She revealed: "Naked in a swimming pool and stuff, not in the sea - that would scare me.

"It's just the thought of sharks, or something brushing past your leg. If something brushed past me I'd freak."

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