Tommy Chong Slams Republican Government For Prison Stint.... Cheech and Chong star TOMMY Chong has slammed Us President George W Bush and his conservative administration for sending him to jail for selling water pipes.The star was sentenced to nine months in prison for conspiring to send the merchandise across state lines.He explains, "I wasn't selling anything. The only thing I did wrong was have my face on the bong. They were glass water pipes. Bong is a Vietnamese word for water pipe."They showed me a law that was passed when (Bill) Clinton was president that made it illegal to have, possess, use, think about, maybe have in your hand, anything that could resemble anything that you could use to smoke an illegal substance."No state in the union prosecuted the law except Pennsylvania, the home of the Dea (Drug Enforcement Agency) and Iowa, the home of Bush idiots."Chong was caught during a sting operation set up by the Dea where they placed an undercover agent in the water pipe factory and had the bongs shipped to Pennsylvania.The Up In Smoke star has moved on to other interesting entrepreneurial endeavours since his incarceration, adding, "I had to quit the bong business.

"My wife and I, we tour around and do comedy shows and we sell Chong thongs (G-stings) - they've got my face on them - the beard kinds of blends in!"