KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall

Cops Called To Tunstall's Video Shoot

Police were called to the set of KT Tunstall's latest video shoot after the production descended into chaos and ended in a bar fight.

The Scottish rocker headed to Nashville, Tennessee to film the promo for Still A Weirdo, which is set for release in the U.K. in September (10).

But Tunstall's plans for the video were thrown into turmoil when she involved a local bar owner.

She explains, "It was an amazing place. It was hard going because it was over 100 degrees.

"The bar owner called everyone who drank there to come down to be part of the video. There was a fight, an arrest and somebody crashed their car into a lamp post by 3pm."

Meanwhile Tunstall has revealled she wants to have a baby....

The rocker is eager to fall pregnant and complete her family - but insists she would carry on touring if she had a baby.

The singer wed drummer Luke Bullen in 2008 and the couple has been discussing the possibility of having children.

But they are keen to carry on performing - and wouldn't mind taking a tot on the road with them.

Tunstall tells Scotland's Daily Record, "I cannot wait to start a family. I'm 35 so I am ripe for getting on with it. But I needed to put all my energy into getting this album out first. It'll be fantastic to have a child. Fingers crossed.

"I'm not planning on settling down. I plan to carry on what I'm doing when I become a mom. I don't like the idea that being a woman and wanting to have children should stop me being a musician in any way.

"Luke and I are passionate about touring. I think a feral little child with 15 uncles wearing crew gear is a good way to do it.

"Friends who are musicians have done it and gone on the road. I remember Luke was playing with Heather Nova when she was eight months pregnant. Skye from Morcheeba is another friend who has done it. It's inspiring. I would have loved to have grown up on the road."


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